How to Prepare Appetizing Homemade shawarma

Homemade shawarma. Hey everyone, this is the best homemade tasty shawarma which is easy to make.if you want more interesting stuffs. Chicken Shawarma, Shawarma platter,Homemade Pita Bread,Tahini Sauce Recipe. Chicken Shawarma is a Middle Eastern Recipe and Nigeria's version adds some flare to it.

Homemade shawarma Shawarma is traditionally made from lamb. Of course with this homemade shawarma, you don't need any of those huge skewers or special heating device. Shawarma can be made using turkey, lamb, beef or chicken. You can cook Homemade shawarma using 4 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Homemade shawarma

  1. You need of Flat bread.
  2. It’s of Shredded chicken breast.
  3. Prepare of Carrots (grated).
  4. You need of Onions (sliced).

The recipe below is a homemade twist on the traditional dish. Double or triple the spice rub recipe for multiple uses. Making your own homemade shawarma seasoning reduces the possibility of ingesting a store bought spice blend with added gluten. Homemade Shawarma – the easiest recipe.

Homemade shawarma instructions

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  2. In a pan add little oil, sliced onions, grated carrots, shredded chicken and saute.
  3. Get a clean bowl, pour some mayonnaise and ketchup and mix.
  4. Get a flat bread and spread the mixture of mayonnaise and ketchup.
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  6. Wrap and grill.

Want to make your own TASTY shawarma meat at home? Try this homemade shawarma seasoning mix to get you started. Of all the different ethic foods in our great. I make chicken shawarma all the time. To make this homemade shawarma seasoning you will need the following typical shawarma spices like: ground cardamom, white pepper, ground cinnamon.

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